Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 3, and there is some significant movement in the list! Let's get to it.

1) Pub-D-Hub: One of my favorite channels finally returned this past weekend with a nice little update, including a new category for Gold members: "Yesterday's News," with old TV newscasts. Apparently the physical move of the service's headquarters took longer than expected and/or brought some complications, but Pub-D-Hub is back, and we should all be happy.

2) WWE Network: I'm giving it a nice lofty ranking again because, though content adds haven't been impressive since Mania, I am enjoying the hell out of the 1980s territory episodes (World Class, Smoky Mountain, etc.), paltry as the selection still is.

3) MLB TV: Hey, I'm still happy baseball's back, but I'm disappointed there was no free trial of this like there was for Extra Innings, so since I don't get this one, it'll drop out next week.

4) Hulu: Quiet lately at Hulu, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's still adding last night's TV (except CBS shows) every day of the week.

5) Watch TCM: Hey, did you guys know there was a way to stream TCM live--both East Coast and West Coast feeds--and see a decent selection of old movies each week? You have to have cable provider authentication, but it's otherwise free. If this had a Roku channel, it would be in my top 5 easily.  I'll write more about this down the road, but this is the kind of thing we hoped Warner Instant would be--sure, a lot less content, but also a lot less cost.

6) Netflix: Getting a lot of bad pub lately for its upcoming price hike. I really hope they have a May surprise of content, but I am starting to doubt that. In the midst of this news about price hikes, Netflix added a wacky Hitler comedy and another season of "Girl Meets World." I'm not sure which is more offensive.

7) Shout TV: I'm torn between wanting to spread the word on this channel and being afraid that if it gets too popular, it'll start to suck.

8) Starz: You know, there was a big announcement about a standalone Starz "over the top" service, and then it quickly faded from the conversation. I think people are happy about the return of "Outlander," though.

9) Slacker: My kids and I enjoyed Slacker Radio while  playing with toys this past weekend. I was grateful to hear "clean versions" of several tracks.

10) Amazon Prime: Still quiet lately, but I did read some good things about "Bosch" this week.

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