Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 5

1) Amazon Prime: Now offering a month-to-month option, something I wanted for years. Some analysts pooh-poohed this, but I want to applaud them for doing it. Now add some good content.

2) Hulu: Quiet this week, but still one of the biggest players week in and week out.

3) Pub-D-Hub: Every now and then, they slip in a "new" title that's already available, which kind of irks me, but my love affair with this outfit continues.

4) Netflix: Stock dropped, and more importantly to me, I saw the list of stuff coming up in May, and it's weak: An Adam Sandler movie, Chelsea Handler, and some other uninspiring originals. So much for my wishes of a big surprise to mitigate that price hike. "Minions" was the token high-profile movie add of the past week.

5) Shout Factory TV: Can't wait to see what's coming in May.

6) Weather Nation: Because I can turn on my Roku, load this channel, and instantly see the weather forecast without any BS.

7) Seeso: I signed up for them through a promotional offer, and so far, the content is a little underwhelming, but the big problem is the slowness of the site and the technical issues I had over the weekend.

8) HBO Now: Good: "Game of Thrones" returns. Bad: Users report widespread outages during the premiere and complain. Because God forbid people lose their ability to LIVE TWEET their witticisms during the premiere.

9) MLB-TV: Would it kill them to put a Pirates joint in its Free Game of the Day? On the verge of dropping out of the rankings.

10) Warner Archive Instant: Still a huge failure, but it's close to getting me for a month again after re-adding "Flo" this past week.

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