Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 4

(Note: This week's rankings were compiled before breaking news of Amazon's new Prime option. We could not reassemble our blue-ribbon panel of experts, social gadflies, and convicts to redo the rankings. Watch next week to see how that news affects the rankings)

1) Pub-D-Hub: They're back and updating every week, and I saw some good stuff this week. Life is good. Let's give them another week on top.

2) Hulu Plus: Hey, I watched an episode of 11/22/63. It was pretty good. Elsewhere, people seem excited about the return of "Mindy Project."

3) Netflix: Yeah, "Kimmy Schmidt" is back, but what about that looming price hike?

4) Shout TV: Since it only adds content at the beginning of each month, there's not a lot of variability week to week, but steady wins the race sometimes...or at least it's good for fourth.

5) YouTube: They didn't do anything notable, but I watched a lot of cool old commercials last week(Note: This is the free version, not whatever they are doing with "YouTube Red").

6) Seeso: Streaming comedy service sends me an email offering me a deal, then shows up on Cultureshark power rankings. Coincidence?

7) WWE Network: Adding a lot of archive content lately. It's not what I particularly want to see, but it's been a nice flow of content.

8) Warner Archive Instant: The good news is they added a bunch of TV shows. The bad news is, it's all stuff that was on the site before, then yanked. Still, it's nice to know someone's still paying attention over there.

9) Amazon Prime: New season of "Catastrophe" gets great reviews, almost makes me wish I had  Prime.

10) PBS: I give credit to PBS for putting last week's great "Jackie Robinson" on its Roku channel, complete with total transparency about how long it would stay (two weeks). I take credit away for the apparent inability of the Watchlist to function, plus the lack of a "Continue Watching" feature.

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