Friday, April 1, 2016

Vault of Coolness: Hey, look who it is on CHiPs!

Every now and then, CHiPs does something wacky, and it often involves some kind of sport or outdoor activity. For example, what the hey, why not have an almost random skydiving scene in the middle of an episode?

Yes, somewhere in this shot are people with parachutes. Yet none of these 3 jumpers is Ponch. Jon is supposed to be part of this, using Ponch's skydiving lessons he can't use while he's recoevring from a serious accident, but, no, Officer Baker is on the ground watching in civilian mode.

The jumpers get together afterwards with Jon to shoot the breeze, and look who shows up:

Whoa! It's Michelle Pfeiffer looking impossibly gorgeous in classic late 1970s.early 1980s fashion. Here's the thing, though: This is her only scene, and then she's gone. Can you imagine seeing this when you're editing the episode and thinking, "Eh, that's plenty of her. Let's finish cutting the third freeway chase"?

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