Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 6

1) Hulu: On one hand, it's losing all those Criterion movies in the fall when Filmstruck launches. On the other hand, a ton of subscribers just realized, "Oh, yeah, the Criterion Collection is on Hulu!"

2) Netflix: The May 1 content drop was really uneventful, and guess what? Another huge series ("Scrubs") leaves today. On the other hand, a new Ricky Gervais movie and a "Foxcatcher" documentary just premiered, and my kids will enjoy "Hotel Transylvania 2."

3) MLB TV: Hey, they DID put a Pirates game on as Free Game of the Day!

4)  Amazon Prime: If you take out the Amazon Originals, there really isn't a lot going on over there. Yet I have to give it credit for adding a 1983 Buddy Hackett standup concert for no apparent particular reason.

5) Shout TV: Not a lot is new this month, but I'm happy to see a bunch of "new" episodes of "Fridays." I'll say it again: As long as they don't take content away and keep it free, I'm OK with the approach.

6) Acorn TV: The first Monday of the month means new shows. I still wish they'd go pre-1990 more often. Hulu just added a bunch of new/recent BBC shows; why doesn't Acorn try to emphasize some of the more vintage stuff? Just get back 'Drop the Dead Donkey," Acorn, and you might get me back!

7) Weather Underground: I owe this channel an apology. Last week I gave Weather Nation the credit for the no-BS approach of the Weather Underground channel. Weather Nation is useful, too, though.That said, it's kind of embarrassing that I'm ranking weather channels at all.

8) Pub-D-Hub: Kind of a slow week for new content, actually.

9) Seeso: Should move up the list once I have time to explore it more, but so far, it's awful from a functionality standpoint.

10) WWE Network: Farewell, guys. I'll consider another month when you start consistently adding pre-1996 content again (Yesterday's War Games Collection is a nice sign).

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