Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 9

1) Hulu: Season finales everywhere, and I'm really getting into 11/22/63, which I am watching the old-fashioned way: one episode a week. About time I got started on all those Criterions, though.

2) Seeso: Technically, it's been much better lately, and now that I've discovered "Count Arthur Strong," I'm getting good value. Granted, it helps that this month and next month are free for me.

3) Netflix: Is there a ton of great stuff here? Yes, there is. But the sizzle reel of upcoming movies they released just isn't that exciting. The "Back to the Future" trilogy? Great, but that's already been on Netflix and left. A new Adam Sandler comedy? No comment. "The Sandlot"? OK, but that's hardly a game changer.

And it's starting to tout the Disney deal kicking in, but what about all the Disney catalog titles? Where are they? And why are toons like "Hercules" and "Mulan" leaving in June if this Disney deal is so great? Plus Starz confirmed that "The Force Awakens" will be on its channels in the fall, not on Netflix.

Other than that, hey, go, Netflix!

4) Pub-D-Hub: Solid but unspectacular update this weekend.

5) Warner Archive Instant: They suckered me out of a month just so I could watch some of the old TV shows before they yank them.  The number of movies has never been lower, and frankly it's an embarrassment.

6) Shout Factory TV: Oddly, a  bunch of Dick Cavett episodes (the Black History Month collection) disappeared the other day, but hopefully that's just a blip.

7) Watch TCM: This would be the best channel on Roku if it were on Roku. In addition to the rarities, right now the likes of "Bringing Up Baby," "Hoop Dreams," "Shane," and "Double Indemnity" are available.

8) Amazon Prime: Added more second-tier HBO content--a good reminder that the partnership pays off pretty regularly. Hey, "Mr. Show" is now available!

9) WWE Network: Had a reasonably well reviewed "pay per view" event Sunday and is touting new original content this summer. Who cares about reality shows, though--I want to see more old 80s footage.

10) YouTube: They changed their Roku interface yet again, making fast-forwarding and rewinding even more difficult. Grr.

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