Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 8

1) Hulu Plus: Let me tell you something. As much as we all hate paying for streaming video with ads, Hulu is at least out there adding new content every week, and I don't think classic TV fans realize how much is actually available. Just this week, it added the 1958 "Invisible Man" and a bunch of  "Hopalong Cassidy: episodes. When was the last time Netflix added any TV series before 2012?

2) Watch TCM: Quietly offers dozens of vintage movies uncut and uninterrupted on your computer. I'll write more about this tomorrow.

3) Pub-D-Hub: Saw some cool stuff on here last week, including an old unsold TV pilot, and I look forward to checking out some of this week's new material. I like that they are updating the "Yesterday's News" category.

4) YouTube: I finished watching that series I didn't want to mention last week. I still don't think I want to mention it yet--might be fodder for a separate project--but I'm glad it's up there!

5) Seeso: Boy, did I enjoy "Garth Merenghi's Darkplace." There is some good stuff on here, and the stream is more consistent lately.  However, it sent me a survey this week, and when I tried to click through, I got an error message.

6) Shout Factory TV: Catching up on superhero TV shows meant I did not get to "Streetwalkin'" this week, but soon...

7) Netflix: Remember when the 15th of each month was a big day for new Netflix content? Well, I do. I guess I'd be more excited if I were a Chelsea Handler fan.

8) HBO Now: I don't get HBO, but I hear they're tearing it up these days with GOT/Veep/Sillicon Valley, and I believe it.

9) MLB.TV: Pirates in the free game of the day this Friday, baby!

10) Amazon Prime: This may not be Amazon's fault, directly, but the site I love to use to check new additions to Netflix and Amazon, Instantwatcher, suddenly lists Young Turks clips, toy reviews, and basically a bunch of stuff that looks like YouTube content.  It's all well and good that Amazon Prime has this material, but the fact that it's in the Instantwatcher feed makes it even more difficult to follow Prime content. It's even harder to see any "real" content now.

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