Monday, February 20, 2017

Beginning next week: 'Mooners Mondays!

That's right, in addition to the regular "Hazel: The Early Years," Cultureshark will now try to brighten your Mondays with a post about The Honeymooners. Unlike my look at Hazel, though, this will not be an episode-by-episode series, but more like a collection of screencaps and random thoughts I have while making my way through the series yet again.

I've been watching the show again and posting some inane comments on Facebook, so I thought, why not share my self-indulgent tidbits with my blog readers? I am already close to halfway through my Blu-Ray set (thanks to a tip from Ivan at TDOY, who told me it was a mere bag of shells during a recent sale), so I may go more or less through the rest of the season, but I will also go back and hit some other episodes and maybe some Lost Episodes and miscellaneous material along the way. Don't expect lengthy or even "good" posts, but you can expect the 'Mooners, and isn't that a nice way to start the week?

Oh, I wish that these things were true of this blog...

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