Saturday, February 11, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 46 (Special "I KNEW the Patriots would come back and annoy everyone" edition)

1) Netflix: David Brent movie. 'Nuff said. A new Michael Bolton comedy/Valentine's Day special also made waves, and I would give it a shot, but I saw the guest list and thought, "Eh, this is the same people who always show up in this sort of thing." Maya Roseman, Fred Armisen...Is this any good?

It's actually a slow week otherwise, but I have to give Netflix credit because I think I'm going to watch Finding Dory with my kids this weekend. Also, part of me is intrigued (another is appalled) by the announcement that the company is launching a big initiative to merchandise its properties. It sounds ridiculous, really, but I am curious to see what kind of goofy crap they put on the market.

2) NBC: If you wanted to pay tribute to the late Richard Hatch by streaming some old-school Battlestar Galactica, as I did, you couldn't do it on Netflix. You couldn't do it on Hulu. You could only do it on Amazon for $1.99 a pop. NBC has the whole series for free, though. Kudos! And R.I.P., Apollo.

3) YouTube: I did indeed have a little pre-Super Bowl party by watching a random 1981 Steelers/Niners game last week: Original CBS broadcast, with Vin Scully and Hank Stram on commentary, in-game updates by Brent Musberger, and no clutter on the screen at all during the action. Weird seeing John Stallworth get clobbered going over the middle for a pass with no flag or even discussion of the possibility of one.

The kids can have their unboxing videos, their "shopping haul" videos, and their "playing a video game" videos, but I'll take stuff like that, thank you very much. At least I will until YT removes it.

4) Hulu: Golden Girls arrives Monday, and not much else new is going on here, but it's a steady if unspectacular time as the new TV arrives each week after broadcast.

5) Days of Dumont: It added more shows this week, solidifying its status as one of the best free retro channels out there. I enjoyed some more Follow That Man with Ralph Bellamy as a two-fisted P.I. He didn't really use his fists, but he would have.

6) Amazon Prime: Well, I said it would slide once I dropped it, and this one is not long for these rankings. I still respect additions like some PBS Kids seasons and whatever Classic Comedy Teams hosted by Steve Allen is.

7) Shout! Factory TV: The more you see Dick Cavett, the more you appreciate him. His show looks better and better compared to what passes for chat shows today.

8) Tune In: I tell you, no one--and I mean no one--plays more pre-ELO Jeff Lynne than the Deep Oldies station. Every time I "tune in" to that one...

9) The CW: I'm still a few episodes behind, but, folks, I ain't feeling the direction on some of these Supergirl characters.

10) MyRetroFlix: Slow going in recent weeks for this one, but I give credit for adding Hangar 18,  a UFO conspiracy movie featuring Darren McGavin, Robert Vaughn, and Gary Collins. I was stunned to learn this was NOT a made-for-TV movie.  I didn't know Mystery Science Theater used it, either, but I think I'm gonna watch the original version first.

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