Saturday, February 18, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 47 (Special "Just about back to 100% after mild flu" edition)

1) YouTube: Finally some good news in the streaming world, as YT announced it was axing Pewdiepie. I don't even know the whole story behind that, but I was delighted to see that had happened, anyway. Plus those 30-second unskippable ads are being phased out (I actually read about that on a site with an unskippable embedded ad, which amused me), and while the cynic in me assumes we will get more skippable ads, I appreciate the news.

Oh, yeah, plus I discovered the entire run of [SHOW I LIKE REDACTED] is on here after all and not anywhere else, so that's a good thing, too! All this plus a new feature coming to the blog will be made possible by YouTube.

2) Hulu: OK, I'll admit it, I have enjoyed watching The Golden Girls this week, and it is a pretty cool get for a service that seemed to need one. On the flip side, a big general deal with Viacom expired this week, meaning stuff like The Daily Show is no longer available after broadcast.

3) Netflix: The new Bob Odenkirk movie kind of slipped in under the radar, didn't it? Still, it's there, and people seem to love Chefs Table. I know my kids enjoyed a new installment of Project MC2, and I enjoyed quite a few various reruns this week. It was a relatively quiet week, but Netflix didn't do anything to annoy us, either.

4) HBO: HBO was about to sneak into the list despite the return of Girls on the intriguing news that an Andre the Giant documentary was in the works, plus the arrival of the prestige "limited series event" (or whatever they want to call it) with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. Then I discovered it's a free preview weekend and I got to watch season 5 of Veep, and, whoosh, HBO rockets up the charts.

5) Shout! Factory TV: I very much enjoyed the first episode of The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour,  which features an endorsement from John Wayne (Glen in turn calls him the greatest guy in the world) and a long segment with the then-Torkless Monkees.

6) Days of Dumont: This week was all about some short clips for me, like Bishop Sheen  talking about the evils of communism and a performance by Benny Goodman (not on the same show, unfortunately).

7) SeeSo: Upstart Crow, a series about Shakespeare from one of the creators of Blackadder and starring David Mitchell, premieres this week. Hmm...might be time to give SeeSo another look.

8) The CW: The fact that CBS is charging so much for people to stream its shows makes me appreciate sister network's free service even more.

9) PIX 11: Barely in the rankings on the strength of an amusing 1975 news clip about the removal of pay toilets, but I expect more from this one. Cool clips show up on the Facebook page, but the Archives section on the Roku channel has been slim pickings in recent weeks.

10) Showtime: Showtime has a free preview weekend, too, so I give it some props,'s still Showtime. It seems only appropriate that HBO would steal its thunder with a free preview of its own at the same time.

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