Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall TV 2016: Kevin Can Wait

A buddy and I were watching football when he saw an ad for this new Kevin James sitcom and referred to it as King of Queens 2. I chuckled, then watched the ad. After about 15 seconds, I said, "Yep, it's King of Queens 2." I was never a big fan of King of Queens 1 and didn't relish the thought of a reboot.

I gave it a shot, though, because...because...uh, that part's hazy now. I think because I wanted to try one of the debuting shows, and this one had the virtue of being only a half-hour. Sure enough, Kevin Can Wait is 22 minutes of exactly what you'd think it be, only more so: Kevin James plays a character named Kevin--a Kevin who eats all the time, is selfish, probably loves his family (we assume that, despite lack of compelling evidence, because neither his 3 kids nor his wife has murdered him in his sleep), but has retired from the police force and is now annoying everyone around him. Even more so, presumably, because he's actually around the house instead of at work.

It's done like a professional sitcom--looks like one, sounds like one, has predictable jokes like one--and if you're into this kind of thing, more power to you. I can understand why people find James charming. He does have a certain "big lug" kind of appeal. If you liked King of Queens, you may find this acceptable comfort food. It even has one of the same supporting cast members in Gary Valentine.

Speaking of "big lug," I was all prepared to sit down and slant this post in the direction of bemoaning yet another comedy about a fat oaf and a pretty wife half his age. I reconsidered when I realized that, hey, I'm not really offended by that concept, and besides, co-star Erinn Hayes is not half her screen hubby Kevin James' age.

(Get ready, 'cause I'm about to talk about her looks now, and I hope it doesn't make me sound like a "creep" or anything like that. If so, let's forget about it and go back to ripping Kevin James.)

In fact, Kevin James is 51, and Erinn Hayes is 40. Not only she is 40, she is gorgeous for any age, and there is no way I would have believed she was anywhere near 40 until I went to IMDB to find her age and learned of all the failed sitcoms she's had. I don't remember all  of those shows, but I am going to assume their short stints weren't her fault. 

She's the best thing about Kevin Can Wait. I don't only say that because she's beautiful, nor because I have Kevin James fatigue despite not seeing him in anything since Paul Blart, but because she is clearly a fine actress. Anyone who can convince us she loves the kind of character James plays in this show must be quite skilled, indeed.

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