Monday, October 31, 2016

Possilby My favorite TV syndicator logo/tag of all time

Remember the good old days when TV stations showed programs to the very end, including those production logos and little musical fanfares? There was the Screen Gems one, the Viacom one, the Paramount Mountain, the Rankin-Bass one that kind of haunted me, and this one from Worldvision:


There's something so awkward about this.

Worldvision was created to handle ABC's program syndication interests  when the feds made TV networks give up their role in syndicating their shows. Hey, remember the good old days when the FCC actually regulated stuff like that?

What made the disclaimer even weirder was that I seemed to catch the logo at the end of cartoons like Alvin and the Chipmunks. So at the end of a set of comic misadventures of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, I'd see this dramatic end screen with this odd message at the end. "What the...?" I wouldn't even think it was the same World Vision as the one that ran the religious-themed charity ads if this title card didn't make an issue of it.

The fact that it's there at all makes it look like something shady happened--and in fact, it did--a lawsuit filed by World Vision International (the religious and charitable organization) over the name (not very Christian of it to sue, is it?) forced the syndicator to add this disclaimer. That text at the bottom sullies what someone probably thought was a really majestic logo.

"It's got a globe, an awesome red W, and a bold font! Yeah!"
"Uh, Larry...we have to add a disclaimer below it now."

The thing that always bugged me was the lack of the comma after "World Vision International," which makes it look almost like those are two separate clauses. One could interpret that comma-less disclaimer as telling us, "We're not associated with World Vision International. By the way, WE are a religious and charitable organization." I mean, come on, folks, it's a comma. Were you so worried about preserving space in the disclaimer that you couldn't include one measly but oh-so-critical comma?

All of this combined to make the weirdest end logo--not the scariest, not the coolest, not the bestest, but possibly my favorite because of that clumsy disclaimer.

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