Saturday, October 22, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 30

Much of my viewing time is devoted to the ongoing MLB playoffs, but streaming video does not stop for sports leagues...unless it's the NFL filing copyright claims against YouTube uploaders. I'd love to rank Filmstruck, which was to debut October 19, but that one has been pushed back for vague reasons.

1) Netflix: Stocks jumped after higher than expected earnings were reported. That's even more exciting than new seasons of Black Mirror and The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show, which is quietly on season 3.

2)  Pub-D-Hub: Last week's update doesn't really warrant this high a rating, but I just made my annual payment for the Gold service, so I feel I should rank it here to justify the $. (Really, it's well worth the low, low payment)

3) Hulu: November looks pretty good movie-wise. Plus the latest Triumph special was not as good as the other two, but he is still providing the most cogent political commentary out there. Pretty good buzz for Hugh Laurie's new original series, Chance. And the latest James Bond flick premieres this weekend. Not bad, Hulu.

4) YouTube: Anyone can upload a clip of the Eight Is Enough theme song, but it takes some effort to put each season's opening, plus the ones from the reunion movies, into one clip. My TV theme song rabbit hole journey the other night struck gold with that one.

5) Dumont Network: To anyone who wonders why I continue to rank this channel--and fairly high, no less--while ignoring the likes of HBO Now and Amazon Prime--I say that Dumont Network just added a 1949 roller derby telecast. 'Nuff said.

6) TubiTV: I should really be talking more about this one. I repeat: Heavy commercials, but lots of free content, ability to make a queue, and a resume watching feature. I watched  a few late 1980s King Features animated specials (Beetle Bailey, Hagar the Horrible) on there this week.

7) Shout! Factory TV: Shout! could really use some kind of watchlist feature. Anyway, this week I saw a weird late 1970s Canadian Halloween special, Witch's Night Out, a cartoon with the voice of Gilda Radner.

8) TuneIn: I had some technical problems with the stream this week, but I also enjoyed some soothing lite 80s soft rock. I'm relaxed just writing about that.

9) PBS: I am enjoying the Contenders series on the Roku PBS channel, and it is good about adding things quickly, such as the American Experience on Tesla I want to see.

10) Pizza Flix: Another in the endless parade of Roku channels offering public domain (or plausibly so) content, but this one stands out by promising to add titles weekly (we'll see) and by making it easy to find TV shows by grouping them together in convenient categories. I don't know if there's a lot here that can't be found everywhere else, but I like the presentation and will continue to explore it.

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