Saturday, October 15, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 29

Have you ever noticed how as the seasons change and the leaves start falling, it just feels like the time of year for streaming video? Or is that just something people say when they can't think of a pithy intro to a blog post?

1) Hulu: Fall TV continues to roll in, and Hulu did something very cool: It added "LATEST 5 EPISODES" or some equally obnoxious (but vital) disclaimer to the landing page for certain shows. Used to be you had to find out on the web site...or the hard way, by falling >5 episodes behind.

2) Pub-D-Hub: Gets big-time credit for launching a Halloween-themed category combining items from its various other categories. Yes, most if not all of it has been on already and was probably part of last year's seasonal collection, but the point is that Pub-D-Hub makes it easy for viewers to find content.

I did sit down to watch an episode of Trackdown, which I have not yet been able to see on Me-TV, and was appalled by the picture quality. I am not blaming Pub-D-Hub, though. It's the same situation on the recent YouTube upload they "borrowed."

3) Netflix: It was another big week for the 'Flix with various acquisitions and high-profile debuts like Christopher Guest's Mascots and a new season of Cultureshark Family Favorite Project MC2. Plus the CW shows (not the current seasons, though) are coming with a vengeance.  So why, then, is it only #3. Simple: I had to punish it for debuting a Justin Timberlake movie.

4) The CW: This'll wear off soon enough, but I'm really happy to get hassle-free (if not ad-free) Roku viewings of Flash and Supergirl. So far, the loss of Hulu is not a huge inconvenience.

5) YouTube: One of these days I'll launch an actual quest to find people who pay 10 bucks a month for YouTube Red.

6) TuneIn: I said I would mention other stations on this app/channel, and here is a great one: Alan Haber's Pure Pop. The only problem is that on TuneIn, the song and artist doesn't display. It takes the shine away from discovering a new artist when you have to Google lyrics to figure out who the deuce the artist is.

7) Amazon Prime: Someone tell me if this new David E. Kelley show Goliath, with Billy Bob Thornton, is any good. I don't know if I hope it is or I hope it isn't.

8) Pluto TV: Returns to the top 10 on the strength of an announcement that it received a big infusion of capital. Boy, is it depressing, though, to be a Roku user and to see how many channels are NOT on the Roku version.

9) Shout! Factory TV:  This outfit actually purchased the exclusive rights to a new movie. Slowly but surely, it's becoming a contender.

10) SeeSo: Deserves a ranking for no other reason than because it is developing a Paul Reiser-produced sitcom about backstage happenings at The Tonight Show. I already can't wait to see that one.

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