Friday, October 14, 2016


If I were to guess the most commented post in the modern history of this blog...well, I'd guess it pretty easily because I know it. But if YOU had to guess the most commented post in the modern history of this blog  (It's been around about 20 years in one form or other), would you pick a modest little essay about TV's favorite domestic?

Yes, this post about the fifth season of Hazel is the most commented post I have written--and I mean real, legit posts, too, not just bizarre comments in apparent Arabic characters (should I tell someone about those?) and spam comments offering work-at-home opportunities.

In 5 years, we have seen dozens of comments about the fifth season, the characters, the actors. and dare I say, life itself (OK, I'm reaching now). Let's face it, there just ain't a whole lot of discussion about this particular 1960s sitcom, but there is some of it here on good ol' Cultureshark. I'd like to encourage it and show my appreciation for the participants by introducing a new recurring feature here on the blog:

Introducing HAZEL: THE EARLY YEARS! On a semi-regular basis, I will be revisiting the very first season of the show, the black-and-white era, and posting about each episode along the way. I encourage all of you to follow along here on the blog and keep the conversation going. Mr. B, Missy, Harold...even Mr. Griffin will be here. Stay tuned!

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michael hebeters said...

YES! Thank You! Hazel is the best!
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