Sunday, February 20, 2011

In theaters this weekend

Unknown: Sometimes it pays to NOT pay close attention to what's going on in the motion picture realm. For example, I know very little about "Unknown" except that it stars Liam Neeson--who looks more or less like regular Liam Neeson, as opposed to being gimmicked up or anything--and it is some sort of actioner or thriller.

That is enough for me to go ahead and assume that this is at least an informal sequel to one of my favorite B-movies (in style if not prestige) of recent years, Neeson's "Taken." I wrote back in the summer about how much I love the Stone Cold Liam Neeson character and welcome more of it. So rather than educate myself about "Unknown," I will convince myself that's what's going on here--more Stone Cold--and when it comes to video, maybe I'll pick it up and be pleasantly surprised.

I Am Number Four: This is some kind of thriller, evidently, but I'm gonna go the other way and assume it is NOT worthwhile. It just has a CW kind of feel to it, and I am too snobbish about this kind of movie when it's populated by teens and teen bait. So I will pass.

Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son: I wonder if the Black Community has heated debates over whether the rise of Tyler Perry's Medea character has rendered Big Momma passe. Or maybe the Black Community shakes its collective head each time either character makes another appearance.

As for this installment of the Martin Lawrence franchise, well, I will conceded that many cross-dressing performers have brought laughs over the years--Bugs Bunny, Jack Lemmon, Kelsey Grammer...but I can't see this as anything more than a cash grab. To think I actually kind of liked Lawrence's lower-key performance in "Wild Hogs."

You know, I'd much rather see a "Wild Hogs 2" than a "Big Momma Anything," but I will say this: Of crummy sequels that make me quiver, "Big Mommas" pales in comparison to the true terror looming on the horizon: "Bad Boys 3" in 2012. Let's hope the Mayan prophecies of doom come to pass before that one actually infests theaters.

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