Friday, February 11, 2011

This Week in DVD

Paranormal Activity 2: Somehow it feels like this one's already been out for weeks and weeks. Yet here it is on the new release list, hitting shelves for the first time...OR IS IT? MWHA HA HA HA! (I have no idea if this is the kind of scare that is in these movies or not, but what the hey)

Life As We Know It: Don't let the title fool you. This is a feature film, not a sitcom. Don't let the premise--mismatched guy and gal find themselves raising a little girl--fool you. This is a feature film, not a sitcom. Don't let the cast, which consists of Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, and Christina Hendricks, fool you. This is--Hey, wait a minute. Are we really sure this isn't a sitcom?

You Again: Unfortunately, this DVD is a chick flick comedy from 2010, NOT a complete series set of the 1980s Jack Klugman/John Stamos sitcom. And if I made that reference on Twitter when the movie came out, well, sorry to repeat it, but the net could use more references to the 1980s Jack Klugman/John Stamos sitcom.

It's Kind of a Funny Story: Eh, let US be the judge of that, huh, mates? I don't have anything to say about this apparently quirky film, but I have to ask, what's the deal with Zach Galifianakis? He's gone from being a cult favorite comic to being in every other movie in theaters to keeping Mel Gibson out of movies to being in every other movie on DVD.

For Colored Girls: Ah, this is a serious movie based on an acclaimed play, so I can't make fun of Tyler Perry for directing it. So let's move to the next entry.

Middle Men: Luke Wilson and some other dudes help bring porn onto the Internet in the mid-1990s. Hey, it sounds like a no-brainer now, but it must have been genius back then, right? Hmm, actually, no, it must have been a no-brainer then, too.

Classical Educational Shorts Volume 3 and 4: Kino delivers another pair of collections of those great old-school "educational films." I use the quotes to indicate their actual educational value, not as a euphemism to imply the films are something Luke Wilson would put on the Internet.

House of Payne Volume 6: Hey, I can make fun of Tyler Perry now! Actually, all I want to point out is that the box cover proudly touts that this set includes "Episodes 101-124," which just looks like a ridiculous piece of info to put on the front of a DVD. Not to mention, 124 episodes and counting of this show? Sheesh...

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