Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion: TV Time celebrates Fathers Day at ClassicFlix!

In my latest feature, I look at some of the most famous TV dads and how they deal with their imminent blessed events. Read about Rob, Ricky, Fred, and more! Don't you dare miss it...and tell 'em Cultureshark sent ya!

TV TIME: Guide for the Expectant Dad
        | by Rick Brooks
As Father's Day approaches, prospective fathers look to classic television for pointers on how to handle their upcoming blessed events. I admit that despite a misspent youth filled with reruns, when it was my turn to witness the miracle of life, I did not run around in a panicked frenzy, drive to the hospital without the mother, and hand out cigars to everyone in sight. But the rest of you might not want to take that chance, so let's dive into TV history to see how other new dads prepare for the big day.

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BTW, this bit of shameless self-promotion will push back the SVOD power rankings to tomorrow, and then I have some more TV Time Extra relating to the last feature, so the Summer of Angst will continue next week!

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