Thursday, June 2, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 10

Week 10! And there were those who thought we'd never make it this far. Well, as long as there are channels to rank, and as long as I have comments about that not warranting an entire post, the rankings will continue.

1) Hulu: Last week Hulu added season 5 of "Make Room for Daddy" and several more seasons of 'Family Affair." The point is, Hulu still gives a damn. Plus I am enjoying the heck out of 11/22/63.

2) Netflix: A lot of stuff got added this past week, and a few classics arrived with the June 1 dump, but I think a lot of people  are going to be irritated when they find out these stories circulating about Netflix showing "every Disney movie ever made" this fall are (I think) quite false.

3) Warner Archive Instant: It's still unbelievable that no one is updating this service, but I am enjoying the old TV that's on least for a month.

4) Shout Factory TV: Odd thing happened yesterday: As part of the June 1 update, several Glen Campbell specials appeared, including a few Christmas ones. Later that night, they were gone. I know from experience that Shout doesn't always add everything right away in its monthly update, so maybe those will come back. In the meantime, I've been enjoying "MST3K" and Dick Cavett, so even if the June update is weak, Shout is still bringing it.

5) Pub-D-Hub: Hey, you saw my post about Martin Kane earlier this week, right? I thank Pub-D-Hub for making my enjoyment of that episode possible.

6) SeeSo: I'm digging several things on here, but I still  wish navigation were faster. I'd love to see more classic American content on here, too.

7) YouTube: I still dislike the new video controls.

8) Watrch TCM: Some really, really good movies on here right now.

9) Tubi TV: The June update looks like a bunch of recycled MGM movies that make the rounds elsewhere, but, hey, this is free. And if you haven't seen "Johnny Be Good" yet, now's your chance.

10) MLB.TV: Pirates are on the Free Game of the Day again tonight!

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