Friday, June 24, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 13

These rankings are late because of all the events going on in the world of SVOD, totally not because I blew off the blog for other things.

1) Netflix: At the top spot again on the strength of buzz surrounding a new season of "Orange Is the New Black," plus additions like "Spotlight" and (Hey, my kids will be happy) season 1 of "Bunk'd." I'm not thrilled about the reminders that my price is going up, nor about the news that Netflix is throwing money at "social media stars" to make shows, but nobody is perfect this week.

2) Hulu: I hope Hulu isn't spending too much money on that "cable-ish" TV service it's planning to launch. This week, it lost streaming rights to CW shows (effective in a few months). So this fall, Hulu loses CW programs and Criterion movies. What will replace them?

On the bright side, Ron Howard's Beatles movie got a premiere date and a trailer, Hulu debuted a handful of popular Disney Channel shows (Tell us again about that Disney deal, Netflix) and, because why not, added a bunch of episodes of the original "Dark Shadows."

3) Warner Archive Instant: WAI rockets up the charts this week because it did something novel: It updated its website and Roku page! Yes, no longer are there prominent pictures of titles no longer available. The "Showcases" grouping movies on various themes are now updated. Some "new" (mostly already on the site before) movies appeared. It's all enough to make me give it another month. That and the fact that I want to see more of "The Lieutenant" and "Dr. Kildare." WAI also earns this spot because I got to see the rest of "A Man Called Shenandoah" this past week.

4) Highspots TV: I don't think I'll be able to renew after my free trial, but I will absolutely consider getting it again in the future. The consistent stream really helps. This week I enjoyed a bunch of random 1980s footage from Hawaii.

5) Amazon Prime: It's another pilot season, for what that's worth, but I was bummed when I learned "Sigmund and the Sea Monsters "was one of these pilots and not a sign that the Krofft library was now streaming.

6) HBO Go: Ben Affleck's bizarre embarrassment of an interview helped give Bill Simmons' new show some buzz, plus "Game of Thrones" is surging toward its season finale.

7) YouTube: Some of my favorite channels really stepped it up with content this week. I ask again, though, is anyone subscribing to YouTube Red?

8) WWE Network: Steadily adding a variety of content, had a successful "Pay per View" special Sunday, and is generating buzz with its tapings for the upcoming "Cruiserweight Classic" series.

9) Watch TCM: Please get this on Roku. Oh, if only these movies were on the service Warner charges us 10 bucks for (see #3). You have to love an assortment of films that pays tribute to both Jimmy Cagney and Marie Dressler.

10) Pub-D-Hub: They took this week off for no apparent reason (celebrating Father's Day?) and made no update, but it gives me extra time to enjoy the likes of "The Pinky Lee Show."

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Michael Cowgill said...

Do you think you would have given Amazon/Sigmund a higher ranking if Kelsey Grammer (appearing in another Amazon pilot "The Last Tycoon") played the Rip Taylor role?