Friday, June 17, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 12

Uneventful week for streaming video, bit here we go.

1) Hulu: Slow week, and where the heck is that ESPN OJ documentary? I read it would be on Hulu. Still, it got streaming rights to a batch of Disney Channel shows, which is a good way to beef up   its kids programming, and nobody else had a great week, either.

2) Netflix: These rankings are a few days late, and yet still I don't see much in the way of interesting Netflix adds this week. It was good news, though,  to see it snagged the upcoming "Office"/David Brent movie. But, hey, with the news that Hulu is getting these Disney Channel shows, I ask again: What is so great about that Netflix/Disney deal?

3) Pub-D-Hub: More Martin Kane and "Schlitz Playhouse" puts this outfit up with the big boys in a slow week.

4) Highspots TV: I'm enjoying my free month trial very much, and I am not even watching the modern indie wrestling on there, but rather the documentaries and classic content.  It seems to be adding new stuff regularly.

5) Amazon Prime: Hey, this is the exclusive streaming home for several more programs now, including "Mr. Robot." Good for subscribers, bad for me.  I wanted to see "Mr. Robot."

6) Watch ESPN: People flocked here to watch the complete "Made in America" miniseries. Only problem:  It requires provider authentication. Boooo!

7) Warner Archive Instant: Oh, how I want to love this service. I have been watching lots of great old TV episodes. But last weekend I sat down to watch a movie and discovered it had been yanked without notice...along with other old ones on my watchlist. WAI has 6 movies from the 1930s right now. 6. They don't seem to want to talk about it on their Facebook page.

8) Shout Factory TV: Hey, Shout, I've given up on those Glen Campbell specials that were up for like half a day, but why did you take down those 1970s "Black Omnibus" episodes?

9) Tubi TV: Were you aware that Tubi TV was streaming "Ski School" with the immortal Dean Cameron? That's enough to rate an appearance in the top 10.

10) YouTube: Still not crazy about the new Roku video controls, but I guess I'll get over it. No channels I love have been deleted lately, so that's good!

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