Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer of Angst: The (previous) Pepsi Generation Part 2

Last time out, we examined the first of two Pepsi ads in the excellent collection "The Lost Television Legacy of James Dean." Today we kick it up a notch, as Jimmy does more than just sit on a merry go round and smile (That sounds like a put-down on "Happy Days;" I can imagine Joanie telling Potsie to go sit on a merry go round and smile.)

This second spot has Dean at the jukebox:

I love the expression on his face, like he's Edison discovering the lightbulb. "Hey, this thing plays MUSIC!"

The problem is, it's only playing a little boring old piano tune until Dean smacks the piano, and then we get the full song about bounce to the ounce:


Then it's dance time, but here's the thing: The gal behind the piano dances with 3 different guys (one of whom is said to be Hans Conreid by some wags on YouTube, though I don't buy it), none of whom is James Dean! As we will see, it took a while in his TV career before Dean got the girl. Here at least he gets the Pepsi.

Jimmy Dean with a little of the old HA-CHA-CHA!

Actually, now that I see this screenshot, I kind of understand why he didn't get the girl.

I think I'd rather have the girl, but Pepsi wants you to get the soda. In fact, the announcer urges you to buy it by the CARTON!

I assure you these first two posts in the Summer of Angst do not constitute an endorsement of Pepsi, nor of bouncing, nor fun. If Pepsi wants to send me a carton or two, though, I won't turn it down.

So far the Summer of Angst has been filled with...cheer? Fun? Most shocking of all...JOY? Yes, indeed, but fear not, folks. Our next installment will give us a chance, with apologies to the great Jermaine Jackson, to get serious!

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