Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 11

Let's get to it for Week 11:

1) Hulu: Not much on the movies this month, but, hey, that gives us more time to watch all those Criterions that are going away in the fall. Right? Right?

2) Netflix: Yeah, folks, that Disney deal is NOT going to give you hundreds of new things to watch in September. It's going to give you...what, one? Two, maybe?

3) Warner Archive Instant: The good news is, they added a couple hundred movies. The bad news is, almost all of them were on there before. Still, it's a step in the right direction. The even badder news: I have gone through all the "Flo" episodes. The terrible news: They deleted "Eleventh Hour" before putting it in the "Leaving Soon" category, which to me is the worst sin an SVOD service can do. I'm tempted to boot it all the way down the list, but the big movie add indicates there are signs of life. Plus I did watch a lot of stuff on here last week.

4) Shout Factory TV: Hey, Shout, this month's update is rather paltry. What happened to those Glen Campbell specials that were up for a few hours? I can wait for the Christmas ones, but the other one would be nice.

5) Pub-D-Hub: Well, I watched an "I Married Joan" involving a chimpanzee. That's something.

6) SeeSo: Season 8 "SNL" is much more entertaining than I expected so far.

7) YouTube: This week, I noticed yet another unasked-for, unnecessary update to the Roku channel.

8) Watch TCM: Some really, really good movies on here right now.

9) WWE Network: There are signs of improvement: interesting archival content being added, more frequent uploads...Plus there's a decent-looking special or two coming up. They'll get me to re-up sooner or later.

10) Highspots: Yes, another wrestling service! It's currently offering a free month in conjunction with Place to Be Nation, and there is all kinds of cool stuff to watch while you wait for WWE Network to add pre-1996 content.

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