Friday, September 2, 2016

Appalling slight to a great performer

A recent "Entertainment Weekly" featured a profile of Chris Pine, a fluffy and short piece designed to put over the idea that he is not just a franchise player, but a SERIOUS ACTOR. Indeed, his latest film is well received, and he's getting praise for it. Good for him.

What gets me is the casual reference Pine makes to his father, legendary Robert Pine, man of many roles but perhaps best known as Sgt. Getraer on "CHiPs." He says something like, "My father was an actor."

Your father was an actor? Your father was an actor? Your father is freaking Robert Pine! He was Getraer, he was in one of the best damn commercials of all time (more on that in a different project this Fall), and he was on "The Match Game," for crying out loud!

I am sure Chris Pine meant no disrespect, and I prefer to believe he gushed about his padre for several minutes. No, I blame "Entertainment Weekly," which probably doesn't recognize anything from the late 1970s/early 1980s not done by Spielberg or Lucas. Shame on you, "EW," for not providing Pine's full quote or at least some context.

Bobby Pine is not some scrub journeyman who merits only a passing mention. Would the magazine publish a story with Rumer Willis saying, "Yeah, my dad was an actor"?

Just to remind us all of the greatness of Robert Pine, here's another screencap from "Munster, Go Home!" in which Pine played a suave Englishman:

"Darling, would a mere actor emote like this?"

And just because, here's a more seasoned Pine running on the beach as Getraer:

"I'm not just an actor. I'm a real American."


Josh Weaver said...

Robert Pine had a few decent roles but he was never close to being a star, so yes he was JUST an actor.

Rick Brooks said...

I respectfully disagree based on one particular lesser-known role =) But I will be laying out the case for Robert Pine in a future installment of the mystery project I'm teasing on the side of the page.