Monday, September 5, 2016

Farewell, Summer of Angst! James Dean lives on...

Today marks the end of Emotional Summer and the beginning of Emotional Fall (TM Michael Cowgill), and so it is time to retire this recurring feature. I apologize for not covering everything on the 3-disc as I originally intended, but I wasn't able to see all of it due to circumstances beyond my control, and I wasn't able to write about all I did see due to me not getting around to it.

Once again, I highly recommend "The Lost Television Legacy: James Dean," an excellent package compiling the icon's small screen work, and I hope my modest efforts shed a little light on an underappreciated but welcome collection.

On this Labor Day holiday, let's enjoy some more of ol' J.D. in other episodes on the DVDs:

One segment in the collection is a partial reconstruction of existing footage from a lost "Lux Video Theatre" broadcast. Very little survives, but I appreciate its inclusion:

"Aw, shucks!"

You want ANGST? Here's an episode of "Studio One" teaming Dean with special guest star (Oh, OK, he's actually the star while James has a small but pivotal role) Abe Lincoln!

You're tearing me apart!

A better look at Honest Abe

Southern gentleman Dean and a young Cloris Leachman in another period drama from "Hallmark of Hall Fame":
Unfortunately, he doesn't really go with a Southern accent

With John Carradine in an amusing sketch on "The Kate Smith Hour":

You don't just waltz onto "The Kate Smith Hour" without being prepared to do some ACTING

And finally, a little something from one of the few programs on this DVD set I had already seen, "Campbell Soundstage's" "Something for an Empty Briefcase."


Look how cool he is in that shot, man. I think that's a good way to close our Summer of Angst...

Except that I have more screencaps from Disc 3! Tell you what, I'm in no hurry to say good-bye to Summer. Let's extend the Summer of Angst one more week and look at some more James Dean next Monday.

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