Friday, September 9, 2016

We need more TV icon statues

I hope everyone's happy with the replacement Lucille Ball statue that was unveiled in her hometown in New York. Folks derided the "scary Lucy" as if it were a bad thing. Sure, it was a horrible likeness, but it's still better than colorizing the old episodes. In fact, I think the original version had a certain unique charm. Mind you, I wouldn't show it to my children, but not all public sculpture is made for the public.

I think the hardcore TV lovers deserve more statues, and I'd enjoy a museum filled with twisted versions of beloved small screen characters. The reaction to "Scary Lucy" tells me that isn't going to happen anytime soon and that we will have to settle for the humdrum "realistic" artwork that "looks like the subjects."

Yet I doubt the average Tussaud's Wax Museum is filled with the kind of statues I'd like to see. Oh, every one has an Elvis and a Marilyn, and maybe the Scary Lucy will in time find its way somewhere other than the nightmares of appalled Desilu fans. Here are the statues I would like to see scattered around the nation if not in a Classic TV Museum (I'll contribute a crisp fiver if anyone can get that off the ground):

1) Mel Sharples (in white work outfit with spatula in hand)

2) Bailey Quarters (Who says Loni Anderson was the only "statuesque" one on "WKRP"?)

3) Speed from "The Odd Couple"

4) Frank Cannon

5) James Evans

6) Uncle Arthur

7) Hazel Burke

8) Mrs. Manicotti (one of my favorite unsung "Honeymooners" characters)

9) Tennessee Tuxedo

10) The Gorn that Kirk duels in "Star Trek"

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