Friday, September 23, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion (again): New review at ClassicFlix!

Hey, folks! Sorry to run plugs for myself two days in a row, but ClassicFlix  posted my review of the frst season of the long-running but oft-forgotten Western anthology Death Valley Days.

Here's a little preview: Hit the link to see the rest, and tell 'em Cultureshark sent you! Don't ya dare miss it! (Also, come back this weekend for the SVOD Power Rankings, and I will have more actual content here on the blog next week)

Death Valley Days - Season 1
It's All in a Day's Work: Death Valley Days, Season 1
09/21/2016 | by Rick Brooks
With eighteen seasons and well over 500 episodes, Death Valley Days is one of the longest-running television programs never to receive a legitimate season set on DVD...until now! Through its Timeless label, Shout Factory has brought the first season of this half-hour Western anthology in a 3-disc set containing all eighteen half-hour episodes.

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