Saturday, September 24, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 26

Here we go!

1) Hulu: Not a huge week for Hulu in terms of buzz/news, but content is king in these power rankings, and this is the time of year we remember that, hey, all the new TV (except CBS shows, and that may be a plus) is gonna be here. I also give Hulu credit for the Ron Howard Beatles doc and this weekend's debut of Sicario.

2) Netflix: Another week full of announcements, but I am hoping that the guy who said Netflix plans to have 50% of its content originals was misinterpreted. I'd hate to see them achieve that by continuing to shed catalog stuff.

Still, Netflix scored a few key Emmy wins and debuted new series Easy plus Zootopia (as in, "Hey, see, we get new movies, too!")

3) HBO Now: Emmys for outstanding comedy (Veep) and drama (Game of Thrones) give everyone a reminder that, hey, HBO Now has all episodes of two big favorites.

4) Amazon Prime: In the wake of some Emmy love, flagship series Transparent returns for its third season. More importantly, Prime video apparently added a bunch of old NBC Real People episodes. What a wonderful random add that is! Almost makes me want to sign up for a month.

5)  TuneIn: Hey, did you know you can find the new, exciting Battle of the Network Shows podcast here? Play it on demand! That and Deep Oldies Radio is enough to merit a ranking. I love Deep Oldies. Not every song is an obscure one, but when was the last time you heard The Idle  Race (with a young Jeff Lynne) and Days of the Broken Arrows on any radio station?

6) YouTube: Boy, did I go down the rabbit hole watching old videos of The Motels this week...and I loved it!

7) MLB.TV: Still plenty of drama this last month even though most division races are all but settled. Pirates had a good week, but it's too little too late.

8) Pub-D-Hub: Added a Richard Diamond episode this week. That's always welcome.

9) Shout! Factory TV: Hey, Shout!, howzabout adding The Norm Show next month?

10) PRO Classics: I finally got a chance to watch something on the revamped version of this one, and I was pleasantly surprised that the episode of The Comedy Shop was not riddled with commercials. Unfortunately, programs aren't loading as I write this, so I probably shouldn't rank this, but here's hoping it's just a blip. Free plus ad-free (or at least low-ad) is a great combo.

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