Monday, May 1, 2017

'Mooners Monday #11: Every dog has his day...but what about his food?

"A Dog's Life" is one of the greatest 'Mooners episodes, even if a lot of it is ridiculous. Ralph and Ed find something in the fridge, start eating it, find it delicious, and ASSUME that it's homemade and entirely of Alice's creation, so Ralph decides to market it as an appetizer.  Oh, yeah, they also assume that it's HUMAN food and not dog food. They are incorrect in that assumption.

The show is loaded with funny moments, including the best spit takes ever executed on The Honeymooners when Ralph's boss and his colleagues discover the delicious treat Ralph has brought them is in fact dog food:

That streak in front of Ralph's belly is the food flying out of Marshall's yap.
We also get another "beached whale," the likes of which we discussed a few weeks ago:

One of my favorite parts comes after the boys find out the truth about the mystery appetizer. Ed sticks a finger in, takes a bite and says, "I STILL say it's the best appetizer I ever tasted!" This strikes me as totally in keeping with Ed's character...and also hilarious. And really, does the food become any less tasty just because you find out it's made for canines?

Well, yeah, I suppose it does. But this episode makes me wonder, what other TV characters would willingly eat dog food, even just out of curiosity? Full disclosure: My father and I once each ate a dog biscuit because--well, I think basically to win a bet. But that's real life, which we all know is much less important than TV land. Who in classic TV would eat dog food?  Here are my opinions:

Ward Cleaver: Absolutely not.

Fred Flintstone: No, not willingly.

Barney Rubble: He may be sort of the Norton equivalent, but I can't see him sticking his finger back in a bowl like Ed does and slurping up something he knew was dog chow.

Adam Cartwright: Only if he were starving and desperate.

Lucas McCain: I suspect Lucas ate far worse than dog food in his life.

Any female character: I can't picture this for some reason. Most women on TV are way too sensible to even consider this.

Scooby-Doo: No. Surprised? Well, did he ever actually eat anything besides people food and 'Scooby Snacks"?

Gilligan: Yep. I don't even think he would need coconut sprinkles.

Mike Brady: No.

Darrin Stephens: Didn't he get turned into a dog once? Even then, I could see him being really uptight about eating out of a dog bowl.

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