Saturday, May 20, 2017

So I finally saw Running Scared...

I finally saw Running Scared a few weeks ago after making it a goal of mine .  Yes, some people resolve to lose weight or accomplish some kind of financial goal or better their communities. I resolved to see Running Scared.

Of course I mean the 1986 Billy Crystal/Gregory Hines buddy action-comedy directed by Peter Hyams. No offense, Paul Walker fans, but it irritates me that his unrelated 2006 flick of the same name now shows up first in web searches. When determining which of two movies with identical titles is the definitive one, ask this simple question: Did it spawn a hit song and accompanying music video by Michael McDonald? If no, then the movie cannot be the "real" one of that title.

For years, I  had only seen the "Sweet Freedom" video, but for years, it felt like enough. It had hijinks, tropical fun, and action. How could the actual movie, which I assumed did not have Michael McD in a prominent role, compare? Yet as time went on, I felt something was missing.  Several times in recent years, I have attempted to see the movie--and by that I mean, I muttered, "Huh, oughta watch that one," and then forgot about it. It's been on many different channels and streaming services, but here in 2017, I did indeed finally watch it.

The good news is that "Sweet Freedom" does get a big sequence in the film, and it's kind of like--well, kind of like a music video. The movie as a whole is entertaining. It's pleasant. It's likable. It's not life changing or great--not like that video--but I'm glad I saw it. It would have been an easy sequel--just trot the leads out and let them recreate their chemistry in any kind of BS story 32 screenwriters could throw together.

The non-"Freedom" highlight of the movie for me is late in the proceedings when a young Jimmy Smits yells with urgency: "My coke! My coke!" I didn't remember that scene from the video.

So now I have seen Running Scared. What's next? Mount Everest? Everything seems wide open to me now...and yet strangely empty.

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