Monday, May 8, 2017

'Mooners Monday: One of my favorite oddball Ed Norton moments

One of the things I aim to do in this series is highlight some of the odder, maybe lesser known moments in Honeymooners annals, scenes and jokes that are overshadowed by the more famous catchphrases and zingers. "A Dog's Life" provides one of my all-time favorite 'Mooners lines. I wish I could say why I think it's so funny, but something about the absurdity of it just gets me every time.

Ralph and Ed think the can of whatever they found in the fridge (and naturally just started devouring) is Alice's home cooking. Seeing dollar signs, Ralph wants to get his boss to stake him some dough (they'd be better off trying to sell dough on store shelves, as it turns out) so they can market the food item and make a mint (they'd be better off selling the mints on--oh, never mind.

I love when Ralph is trying to name the product. Of course he is. That's the fun part of becoming rich--not the drudgery of creating the infrastructure and the physical plant, amassing capital, etc., but coming up with a cool name for your item.

So Ralph starts with, "How about this? "Kramden's Delicious--" And Ed interrupts him:

"Hey, ho...Mr. Marshall is putting up the money for this thing. You got to get his name in there someplace."

"You're right about that," Ralph concedes. Then Norton gets an idea. "Hey, how about this?"

Then he presents his own suggestion: "Kramden's Delicious Marshall."

Again, I can't articulate WHY exactly that is so funny to me, but it is. It's one of the silliest things Norton has ever said, and Ralph's incredulous expression makes it even better, as does his disgusted muttering repetition of it: "Kramden's Delicious Marshall."

"What kind of stuff is Marshall?" Ed counters: "Well, we don't know what THIS stuff is. You might as well call it Marshall!"

Norton in all sincerity proposing "Kramden's Delicious Marshall" is one of my favorite moments in the whole series. It may not be one of the most quoted 'Mooners lines, but it gets me each time I see and hear it!

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