Sunday, May 21, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week #60 (Special "Count on seeing these rankings every single Satur--oops" edition)

1) Netflix: I read somewhere (these rankings are always based on cutting-edge research, you know) that the most popular series on Netflix is Sherlock, so it's a pretty big deal for them to add season 4. However, there are also new episodes of Kimmy Schmidt, a new true crime docuseries, and of interest to me, the Christine Chubbuck biopic with Rebecca Hall  (Tip: if you don't know who Christine Chubbuck is, don't look it up and get into it if you're not in the mood to feel sad).

2) Hulu: For commissioning/encouraging/tolerating/whatever a new documentary about George Lazenby, Hulu deserves high praise. George's lone Bond outing, On Her Majesty's  Secret Service, is also available here.

3) Warner Archive Instant: Eddie Albert vs. Raymond Massey made for a fine confrontation on Dr. Kildare.

4) MLB.TV: How about those Pirates? They won a big series against the Nationals. I didn't get to see any of it except the game they lost, of course, but I could have thanks to the fine folks at MLB.TV. I'm tempted to boot it out of the top 10, though, for backing out the Pirates feed and making me watch the "hometown" version.

5) TuneIn TV: Deep Oldies continues to bring it. Plus I heard an ad for some celebrity chef guy who is premiering a podcast on TuneIn.  That's not actually very interesting or useful, but it's better than me complaining yet again about the 80s channel playing the same Air Supply song over and over.

6) Pub-D-Hub: A solid update last week was highlighted by an episode of that old crime TV show featuring THE most charismatic, most dynamic, most razzle-dazzle of all old-timey Hollywood stars, George Raft.

7) Pluto TV: Pluto added a bunch of on-demand offerings, and, yes, much of it is that same MGM library stuff that floats around, but it's free, and big ups to Pluto for continuing to grow and for continuing to be free.

8) Showtime: It's rare that Showtime gets the buzz that HBO gets, but Twin Peaks returns this weekend, so, enjoy the attention, guys! Come for Twin Peaks, stay for...uh, those other shows they are proud of having!

9) Twitch TV:  For some reason, this service, which runs a lot of live streams of playing video games, aired a Mister Rogers marathon as part of some campaign for PBS. Is PBS going after the 420 crowd now? Can't wait to see the premiums the roll out in the next pledge drive.

That said, seeing black-and-white episodes of ol' Fred Rogers = cool stuff.

10) YouTube: I was pleasantly surprised to see the existence of a "Universal Vault" channel on here with rarities from the 1930s...but by the time I got to YT, to check it out, it had been removed due to a copyright claim. Booooo! YouTube slides down the list because of this. (Special shout-out to the excellent "I Wake Up Streaming" column at The Daily Grindhouse website for mentioning the channel; it's not his fault it got yanked.)

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