Sunday, September 11, 2011

Goodbye for a while

I'll spare you the long-winded explanation here and give you the short-winded one: I'm going on an indefinite sabbatical from posting. I thank everyone who has followed me and checked in from time to time, and I hope to deserve your eyeballs again at some point, but right now a combination of things is preventing me from devoting the time I want to spend on the site. Ie have been able to keep up with some shorter posts lately, but tons of ideas for longer-form pieces just aren't being converted to actual content, and that's kind of bumming me out.

When I get back into it, I want to be able to not just write, but to promote the site as well to maybe get a little more return. Even the small effort I put forth for this blog takes a toll, and as someone who does a lot of typing in his day job, even preparing sarcastic posts can cause some repetitive stress. Plus I want to spend more free time with the family, including my wonderful young'uns, and, to be honest, I want to spend more time just watching, reading, and listening stuff I've accumulated rather than writing about it.

So I'm tired but otherwise feeling great, and I have a lot of stuff to say, but I just don't think I have the time to say it in this format right now. I'm gonna try to amp it up on Twitter, so if you do find my musings interesting, you can follow me over there: @Cultureshark

Thanks again, folks. I'm frustrated to put the blog on the shelf for a while, but if I can't muster the resources to write about "Battle of the Network Stars," it's time for a break!