Sunday, June 23, 2019

Streaming Video Power Rankings #166

1) Amazon Prime Video: For one thing, I have been diving back into Corner Gas. However, the service added and re-added a bunch of trashy and old movies this week, and it's good to take a look at the vast (yet impenetrable) library and remind yourself that Prime has movies like Soul Brothers of Kung Fu and Kill Them All and Come Back Alone.

Best of all for Prime, its new series Good Omens was targeted by a Christian group...that blamed NETFLIX! It gets the publicity and a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

2) Netflix: Kudos to Netflix for working out a nice little stunt with Amazon to take advantage of the Good Omens 'controversy. More importantly, I saw some great Cheers this week. I also think it added an old anime that was some kind of big deal.

3) YouTube: There were tons of great promos and ads uploaded this week, including:

 Plus the Ben Casey shows are still there!

4) Watch TCM; I mean, the fact that I watched a short subject called Famous Boners isn't the only reason it's rated so high this week, but it doesn't hurt. Be tankful I didn't rank it 6 and 9.

5) Boomerang: The 0 a month I am paying for it now (they haven't yanked it yet) continues to provide superior value. In addition to watching some more Raod Runner toons (thanks, Top Cat James, for the recommendations), I am enjoying the goofy latter-day Flintstones

6) Hulu: It's quiet this "offseason," but it's good to hear the Hulu head honcho say he expects that under Disney, the service will expand its original content.

Or is it? I'd rather hear, "We're going to spend insane amounts of money snapping up all the archival TV content that isn't accounted for," but I realize I'm in the minority.

7) NBC: Punky Brewster season 2 really got that Very Special Episode train rollin', closing with the memorable Challenger disaster story. Can season 3 top it? Am I really going to watch season 3 of Punky Brewster?

8) Pub-D-Hub: I was already feeling good about this scrappy channel when I listened to the second episode of its podcast (I mean, it has a podcast!), but then it dropped an overdue but meaty update today.

9) WWE Network: Give the Network major credit for unveiling a collector's Holy Grail, the 1986 Crockett Cup, in longer form than anyone would have expected.

10) Our Miss Brooks: Yes, a channel offering all "available" episodes. I think their definition of "available" may not gibe with that of the program's copyright holders, so enjoy these while you can!


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Ah, those Famous Boners...

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