Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What I Want to See from the Streamers in 2019: Part 3

I have neglected this series of posts in recent months, but a lot has happened already in 2019, and I get a feeling that more and more old series will be spread around the various streaming video sites as the year rolls on. Here are my personal picks for great (but realistic) adds for some more OTT channels:

Pluto TV: Pluto is a great little free service, and with Viacom's recent investment, it could go a little deeper than just adding new channels devoted to, say, Wahlburgers. Last year it added shows like Charlie's Angels to its on demand library. Unfortunately, only season 4 is available right now. It's a shame that these free services don't just get the whole series at once.

Right now I'm thinking of an almost-orphaned show that is long out of print on DVD and has never been a presence on a major streaming site (as far as I know). You can find the episodes online, but Pluto might make a nice home for...Moonlighting. Just make sure it's the whole thing so that in 8 months we don't find ourselves with only season 5 available.

Boomerang: As long as Boomerang is going to sort everything by character instead of recreating the way the cartoons originally aired, I want to see "collections" devoted to some of my favorite characters. I want to see the Snagglepuss 'toons on here, but I think my number one pick is the complete Breezly and Sneezly so I don't have to buy the Peter Potamus Show DVD set to get them.

And this OTT service is all about using the stuff it already owns, but I'd love to see Boomerang step up and make a deal to stream all those Jay Ward and Total Television cartoons from the 1960s: Rocky and Bullwinkle, Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo, King Leonardo...These have been a mess in syndication, and the DVD releases cleaned things up a little bit, but I'd love to see them all in one convenient streaming location.

Roku Channel: Roku has an interesting array of licensed content from different sources, so I am going to assume just about anything is possible. I have never seen Three's Company streaming anywhere, and while its profile has shrunk in the last decade, it was a huge hit in its day with a ton of nostalgic value.

Tubi TV: A year ago, I wouldn't have guessed the likes of Magnum P.I. and The A-Team would show up on this service. However, Tubi's growth has been slow but steady, and its recent library deal with Universal is really beefing up its catalogue. So how about adding one other high-profile classic from that studio, one I didn't see mentioned in news reports of the agreement?

That's right, I'm talking Quincy M.E.!  Make it happen, Tubi!

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